Sustainability is an integral part of E-SHAHN’s Corporate Social Responsibility.

Our business strategy and employee culture is actively focused on the issues affecting the world’s land and seascape – we embrace every opportunity to consider the impact we make.

We don’t just acknowledge sustainability, our commitment spans the way we treat the environment, animals in their habitat, our customers and their communities, and indeed, our own staff.

It’s the core of a unique Sustainability Strategy coined by E-SHAHN’s Management, and which we refer to as E-GREEN.


E-SHAHN is actively working to minimize air pollution by identifying and highlighting Freight Forwarders making every effort to reduce carbon footprint.

We invest in new technologies and processes which have ensured our environmental performance consistently improves.

We also have an initiative to plant a tree for every 100 shipments booked via E-SHAHN website.

Ethical Conduct

E-SHAHN works hard to promote high standards of ethical and responsible conduct across its employees and partners.

We have a robust Code of Conduct in place with specific policies to raise standards in accordance with specific cultures and communities, ultimately creating awareness of being responsible towards planet Earth and its beings.


Our employees participate in the smallest projects to large international projects to share their genuine enthusiasm and compassion towards nature and its very existence.

If you want to learn more information about E-SHAHN’s sustainability credentials, please get in touch with your nearest E-SHAHN office.