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E-SHAHN is the Middle East's best B2B-marketplace for your corporate shipping needs and solutions. We have simplified the hassle of freight rate procurement in a few simple steps. After you submit your enquiry, you can compare quotes from E-SHAHN's partnering freight service providers for free. 24X7 booking and online payment makes life easier. Shipping and tracking your shipment is just a few clicks away. Please watch our video to learn more about E-SHAHN marketplace.

Air Freight

Find the best air freight services from reliable freight forwarders. Air express shipments can be booked instantly with the most reputed global air express service providers.

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Sea Freight

Container movements don’t need to be complicated anymore. E-SHAHN gets you most affordable sea freight rates from the specialist forwarders with multiple payment options.

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Land Freight

Optimize land freight movements with full or less than a truck load, to save money. Use the fastest route with less busy borders and accomplish your delivery deadline well ahead with E-SHAHN.

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Freight Insurance

Goods in transit are always exposed to the risk of loss or damage. E-SHAHN gives you peace of mind by protecting your bottom line with the best freight insurance in the market.

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Partner with EShahn

Increasing sales has never been easier with the E-SHAHN marketplace. Register your spot among renowned multinational freight forwarding, express and insurance companies. Get several serious enquiries and shipment confirmations with us. Build your online profile amongst our most reviewed list of forwarders by important shippers/consignees in the market. We make sure that we revitalize your business and give it the boost it deserves.

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